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We are a collective of educators, parents, visionaries, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of the future of education, curating the best resources from around the world to raise children in this constantly changing world.

In June 2020, we released our knowledge library in 5 easy to digest modules, featuring sessions and curriculum from over 40 of the most world-renowned experts - names you know and trust - including Dr. Shefali, Ray Kurzweil, Jim Kwik, Kathy Kolbe, Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey and Katie “Wellness Mama” Wells. Click here to see the topics, themes and experts you'll access.

Questions we explore include: 

  • How to cultivate a holistic learning environment at home?
  • Where is the future of education headed? 
  • How can we expand our capabilities as parents and strengthen our family dynamic? 
  • What tools, approaches and resources can we use to augment and enhance our current educational curriculum?

You'll access scientifically-supported and holistic perspectives from the top parenting and education experts in the world, plus wisdom and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and leaders who are disrupting the status quo with innovative approaches.

Join us and feel clear, confident, and inspired with information and tools to lead your children and family to thrive into the future! 

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Our discussions feature fresh ideas, cutting-edge perspectives, and an inspiring look at how to prepare children for the future, we explore topics like mindful communication, healthy technology relationships, inquiry-based learning, entrepreneurial thinking, and practical ways to nurture children’s unique genius.

We're big on practical, actionable and relevant content. Every session incorporates inspiration and action -- we combine talks with discussion questions, practical activities and vetted resources so you can implement right away.

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What to Expect...

You'll have access to fresh interviews and resources from our renowned faculty of experts, educators, visionaries and technologists. Explore topics such as...

New Models of Education: Learn how our education pioneers are transforming education through loving, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary and personalized models that engage children's interests.

  • How to FOSTER entrepreneurial thinking in our children
  • Practical, TACTICAL ways to reinforce a growth mindset in children
  • Honoring each child's unique genius and ENGAGING their interests and natural curiosity

Emerging Technology: Raise conscious changemakers who are READY and EMPOWERED to solve the world’s grand challenges.

  • How exponential technologies are developing and how they will RESHAPE how we work, play and live
  • EMPOWER our children and families with the knowledge and capabilities they need to thrive in a changing world
  • Help your children develop a HEALTHY relationship with technology so that they use it as a tool, rather than a DISTRACTION

Parenting: Learn EXACTLY how to support and stay connected with your children through these rapidly changing times.

  • How to NAVIGATE uncertain times, including the current COVID-19 Crisis
  • Feel CONFIDENT about how to raise connected, resilient and future-literate children
  • Be SUPPORTED in your own emotions and challenges so you can show up as the best parent you know you can be and deepen your CONNECTION with your children

Holistic Wellness: Emotional, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual wellness are all pivotal elements of resilience

  • Leading with LOVE and connection for a fulfilling life
  • How to be in deep connection with NATURE
  • Nutritional support for improved BODY and MIND
  • Practical ways to integrate MINDFULNESS into your family

What you won't see...

  • Outdated studies, perspectives and paradigms
  • Irrelevant information and boring discussions
  • Regurgitated information from YouTube

XC Collective Virtual Retreat

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MODULE 1: Visualizing the Future
MODULE 2: How Kids Learn and Operate
MODULE 3: Conscious Parenting
MODULE 4: Future of Education
MODULE 5: Practical Integration
Ray Kurzweil: Technological Transformation in the Next 50 Years
Kathy Kolbe: Cultivating Genius & Combating Childhood Depression
Dr. Shefali: Conscious Parenting
Dan Lakis: Inquiry-Based Learning: Lessons from Astra Nova
Mallika Chopra: Practical Routines for Mindfulness, Intention & Purpose
Nichol Bradford: Humanity & Transformative Technology
Patty Wipfler: Why Great Kids Act Out (And What to Do About It)
Mark Krassner: Prenatal Mindfulness
Ben Greenfield: Raising Tiny Superhumans
Jim Kwik: The Limitless Model for Unlocking Human Potential
Roger James Hamilton: The Future of Entrepreneurship
Jennifer Kolari: Augmenting Your Child’s Frontal Lobe
Dr. Lana Asprey: Modeling Healthy Habits
Lex Amore: Nature-Inspired Learning: Biomimicry to Design the Future
Dr. BJ Fogg: Tiny Habits Workshop
Mike Wilson: From Addiction to Digital Healing - The Power of Gaming
Dr. Elisa Song: Functional Medicine for Children
Dave Asprey: Biohacking for Families
Phillip Moore: Love-Based Learning: Upland Hills Case Studies
Gahmya Drummond-Bey: Accelerating Evolution in Education
Brian Nelson: Building Future-Literate Families
Jim Kwik: 10 Tips to Supercharge Your Child’s Brain
Zahra Kassam: Optimizing Your Home for Learning
Gordy & Sukhi Bal: Creating a New Paradigm for Education
Dr. Michael Breus: How to Be Better in Bed
Yanik Silver: The Life-Changing Power of Journaling
Nate Ball: Engineering Innovative Kids
Akira Chan & Renee Airya: Empowered Adaptation - Breaking Parenting Rules
Raya Bidshahri: Robot-Proof Curriculum for the Age of Imagination
Sarah Wells: Building Self-Belief Through Action
Steven Michael Crane: Human Flourishing & Machines in the Age of Biotechnology
Dr. Jordan Shapiro: Children, Technology & Digital Interconnectedness
Katie Wells: Everyday Wellness for Superhero Families
Christine Gould: Global Learning Communities & The Future of Food & Agriculture
Steven Michael Crane: Introduction to Screentime Genie
Donny Epstein: Preparing our Children for the Calling of a New Humanity
Renee Jain: Transforming Anxiety Into Resilience
John Ratliff: Raising the Next Generation of Leaders
Jeff Hopkins: Personalized Interdisciplinary Education
Jim Sheils: Life Lessons Kids Won’t Learn in School
Joe Hudson: Parental Self-Love as an Act of Love for Your Children
Jon Young: Nature, Story and Sensory Integration
Ray Kurzweil

Author, Danielle; Co-Founder & Chancellor, Singularity University

Technological Transformation in the Next 50 Years

  • Discover how the world will change over the next 50 years from one of the world's top thinkers and futurists.
  • Understand why technology is continuously getting faster, better and cheaper.
  • Learn why the next generation is the best poised to solve global problems.
Nichol Bradford

Founder & CEO, Willow Group; Co-Founder, Transformative Technology Lab

Humanity & Transformative Technology

  • Learn how technology can be used to support mental health, emotional wellbeing and human flourishing.
  • Discover surprising ways video games can improve our mental and emotional capacity.
  • Understand how the next generation is using technology to redefine "hunting and gathering" social behaviors.
Roger James Hamilton

Founder, Genius Group, Entrepreneurs Institute, Entrepreneur Resorts

The Future of Entrepreneurship

  • Learn the key leadership skills that will be essential in the future -- and how to start building them right now.
  • Understand how technology is changing how we learn, connect and communicate around the world.
  • Discover three areas of mastery that will always be relevant in a world of constant change.
Mike Wilson

Founding Partner, Devolver Digital and Transcend Victoria

From Addiction to Digital Healing - The Power of Gaming

  • Learn how parents can shift from preventing their kids from playing video games, to using them as a tool for connection, growth and innovation.
  • Discover the greatest way to support children in developing healthy relationships with technology.
  • Explore the truth about video games and addiction, and the surprising way they can also help us heal.
Brian Nelson

Founder, ExTech Ventures

Building Future-Literate Families

  • Understand the value of regular family discussions about the implications of technology.
  • Learn easy ways families can discuss the future and build entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Hear how technology founders are strengthening their families’ future literacy.
Yanik Silver

Creator, The Cosmic Journal; Author, Evolved Enterprise; Founder, Maverick1000

The Life-Changing Power of Journaling

  • Understand the power of journaling and how you can immediately bring it into your family and life.
  • Learn how to wrap your mission into your home so you’re not choosing between work and family.
  • Explore the magic of doodling, in a world where we’re taught to “colour in the lines.”
Steven Michael Crane

Research Scientist, Stanford Behavior Design Lab and Boundaries of Humanity Project

Human Flourishing & Machines in the Age of Biotechnology

  • Understand where we are going as a species and why this is so crucial at this unprecedented moment in history.
  • Learn how to foster the socio-emotional intelligence our children need to flourish in this future.
  • Explore what the boundaries of humanity are in a technological age.
Donny Epstein

Creator, EpiEnergetics

Preparing Our Children For The Calling Of A New Humanity

  • Understand the codes of how we experience, learn, manifest, create and impact one another in the world.
  • Learn how we can support the healing of our children in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.
  • Explore the methods that create new upgrades and coherence in the central nervous system.
Kathy Kolbe

Founder & CEO, Dynamynd Inc.

Cultivating Genius & Combating Childhood Depression

  • Discover how your child’s natural instincts are their greatest problem-solving superpower, guided by Kolbe’s 40+ years of research on how we act, react and interact.
  • Learn leading-edge solutions to increase self-efficacy, improve wellness, and decrease childhood depression and suicide.
  • Understand practical tools, language patterns and learning environments you can start using right away to maximize your child’s success.
Patty Wipfler

Founder, Hand in Hand Parenting

Why Great Kids Act Out (And What to Do About It)

  • Learn a surprisingly effective yet honest approach to discussing coronavirus and other serious or anxiety-producing situations with your children.
  • Understand the importance of parental resilience and mental wellness in supporting our children’s well-being.
  • Master five “Listening Tools” to improve your parent-child connection, inspired by Wipfler’s pioneering work at Hand in Hand Parenting.
Jennifer Kolari, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Child & Family Therapist; Founder, Connected Parenting

Augmenting Your Child’s Frontal Lobe

  • Learn how to strengthen your parent-child connection by leveraging the neurobiology of love and other secrets of neuroscience.
  • Understand why parents are the “substitute frontal lobes” for their children.
  • Hear time-tested tactics for effectively setting boundaries and building empathy with even strong-willed, challenging children.
Dr. Elisa Song

Holistic Pediatrician; Founder, Whole Family Wellness

Functional Medicine for Children

  • Understand why childhood anxiety is at an all-time high -- and what parents can do to help their kids increase resilience.
  • Learn how functional medicine and nature can counteract the negative effects of screen time and other environmental factors to restore balance.
  • Get practical advice on how to talk to kids about coronavirus and other modern issues.
Nate Ball

Host of PBS’ “Design Squad” and “Design Squad Nation”; Co-Founder, Atlas Devices

Engineering Innovative Kids

  • Learn how to cultivate creative problem solving and resilience in kids through their own self-initiated learning.
  • Discover how to use tools of innovation to bring possibility and levity to any challenge.
  • Hear about Nate’s favorite engineering experiments -- and spectacular failures -- with his own children, and practical ways families can engage in educational play at home.
Dr. Jordan Shapiro

Author, Professor; Senior Fellow, Sesame Workshop; Fellow, Brookings Institution

Children, Technology and Digital Interconnectedness

  • Learn how video games and immersive technology can foster important developmental skills like peer connection, critical thinking and imaginative play.
  • Understand how parents can help their children navigate an increasingly digital world and develop healthy relationships with technology.
  • Discover the power of play -- and why families that game together grow together.
Renee Jain

Founder and Chief Storyteller, GoZen

Transforming Anxiety Into Resilience

  • Understand how personifying emotions helps transform anxiety.
  • Learn how to foster resilience and develop growth mindset in your children.
  • Discover the importance of teaching emotional intelligence at home and in schools and how you can jump-start this.
Dr. Shefali

Author, Speaker, Clinical Psychologist

Conscious Parenting

  • Learn practical ways to help children navigate uncertain times -- and the surprising things we can learn about consciousness from COVID-19.
  • Understand how parents can support their children’s sense of self, freedom and unique genius without projecting achievement or perfection.
  • Explore the ways to apply conscious parenting within the education system.
Mark Krassner

Founder & CEO, Expectful

Prenatal Mindfulness

  • Discover the surprising ways maternal stress influences a fetus’ biological development, and how meditation can reverse the negative impacts of stress.
  • Hear cutting-edge research on how mindfulness improves outcomes for fertility, pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Learn practical ways for couples and young families to build a mindfulness practice.
Dr. Lana Asprey

M.D., co-author, The Better Baby Book

Modeling Healthy Habits

  • Learn the top diet and lifestyle adjustments that you can make right now to support your children (and how to do so in a way they’re on board with).
  • Hear practical advice on how to empower your children to make healthy food choices, even when they’re outside the house.
  • Gain insight on new family routines that encourage mindfulness and connection.
Dave Asprey

Founder, Bulletproof 360 Inc.

Biohacking for Families

  • Understand the “four horsemen of epigenetics” that help you upgrade your child’s genes and intelligence from birth through age 7.
  • Learn how gluten hurts kids’ brains, and other research-backed ways families can improve their biochemistry, body and mind for optimal performance.
  • Understand ways you and your family can counteract the negative effects of too much technology.
Zahra Kassam

Founder & CEO, Monti Kids

Optimizing Your Home for Learning

  • Learn proven techniques to optimize your home’s layout for Montessori-style learning.
  • Understand the key types of learning environments and how to create them at home.
  • Get tips for encouraging kidpreneurs, inspired by Kassam’s experience on Shark Tank and fielding business ideas from her young children.
Akira Chan & Renee Airya

Co-Founders, Rare Media; Creators of Little Humans

Empowered Adaptation - Breaking Parenting Rules

  • Uncover the greatest lessons that came out of creating Little Humans.
  • Hear Akira and Renee’s best parenting choices that serve and protect their family dynamic -- even if they diverge from the norm.
  • Understand child-led listening and gain practical examples of how to bring it into your home.
Katie Wells, CTNC, MCHC

Founder & CEO, and

Everyday Wellness for Superhero Families

  • Discover easy ways to make your home environment healthier and more sustainable.
  • Hear proven tactics to help children adopt healthier eating habits.
  • Learn how to foster entrepreneurial skills like creativity, problem-solving and collaboration in children.
John Ratliff

CEO, Scaling Up Coaches; Managing Director & Partner, align5 advisors

Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

  • Learn what the next generation of leadership and entrepreneurship looks like.
  • Hear the most important skills for young leaders to cultivate, and how parents and educators can support them in doing so.
  • Understand how to teach children the most important lessons they can’t learn in school, including financial literacy.
Joe Hudson

Parental Self-Love as an Act of Love for Your Children

  • Understand the connection between loving our whole selves and how we show up for our children.
  • Learn the transformative nature of giving ourselves and our children loving attention, during the most challenging moments.
  • Connect with parenting as a spiritual practice.
Dan Lakis

Vice-Principal & Founding Teacher, Astra Nova

Inquiry-Based Learning - Lessons From Astra Nova

  • Discover unconventional approaches to improving learning and curiosity -- without grades or standardized tests.
  • Hear inspiring examples of inquiry-based learning and case studies of how Astra Nova students have thrived in an environment based on respect and accountability.
  • Understand how to augment your child’s education to build entrepreneurial thinking.
Ben Greenfield

Founder, Ben Greenfield Fitness; Author, Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life

Raising Tiny Superhumans

  • Hear Ben’s experience with being homeschooled and most important skills children can learn through “unschooling”.
  • Discover family rituals, routines and habits that transform family life.
  • Learn unique approaches to empowering children’s interest in cooking, nutrition and fitness.
Lex Amore

Communications Director and Biomimicry Specialist, Biomimicry Institute

Nature-Inspired Learning - Biomimicry to Design the Future

  • Discover how nature is inspiring breakthroughs in various industries.
  • Understand the negative effects of Nature Deficit Disorder and how to counteract them.
  • Learn ways to augment your child’s traditional education to incorporate nature
Phillip Moore

Founder,; Co-Founder, Upland Hills School

Love-Based Learning - Upland Hills Case Studies

  • Learn the unique ways love and nature can support learning for students who struggle in traditional schools.
  • Hear how educators enforce boundaries and restrictions without traditional discipline.
  • Discover Phillip Moore’s key traits for conscious future leaders.
Gordy & Sukhi Bal

Co-Founders, Xploration Centre

Creating a New Paradigm for Education

  • Learn the backstory of the Xploration Centre, a new paradigm primary school in Canada.
  • Discover how two entrepreneurial parents catalyzed a community to change education.
  • Hear the latest updates on the Xploration Centre’s progress.
Raya Bidshahri

Co-Founder, Awecademy

Awecademy - Robot-Proof Curriculum for the Age of Imagination

  • Discover how Awecademy’s founders created educational curriculum so cutting-edge, it’s illegal (in their headquarters of Dubai)
  • Understand the core skills that will be relevant in the upcoming “Age of Imagination.”
  • Learn practical ways to prepare your child for a world of accelerating change.
Christine Gould

Founder & CEO, Thought for Food Foundation

The Future of Food & Agriculture

  • Hear the stories of thousands of young entrepreneurs disrupting an ancient industry.
  • Learn how incentive competitions can solve billion-person problems like hunger.
  • Discover how online learning communities will drive the future of education in underserved areas around the world.
Jeff Hopkins

Founder, Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

Personalized Interdisciplinary Education

  • Explore how personalized, interdisciplinary and inquiry education looks, from a successful high school model.
  • Learn what the features of a safe and supportive learning environment are, and how to encourage students to take risks.
  • Understand how to engage with children's innate interests, to raise passionate, inspired change-makers.
Jon Young

Founder, 8 Shields Institute

Nature, Story and Sensory Integration

  • Learn how to "catch the story" of your children to allow them to integrate their sensory experiences.
  • Hear incredible lessons from Indigenous and Traditional Peoples of the World.
  • Understand how community is integral for internal and external connection.
Mallika Chopra

Author, Just Breathe & Just Feel; Founder, Intent

Practical Routines for Mindfulness, Intention & Purpose

  • Learn practical activities you can start doing right now to incorporate mindfulness into your daily family routine.
  • Discover what Mallika’s family is doing to adjust to quarantine, and some of the most valuable routines to protect mindset and well-being.
  • Hear the greatest advice for the next generation of change-makers wanting to live a life of intention.
Jim Kwik

Founder & CEO, Kwik Learning; World Expert in Memory Improvement

Everyday Practices to Become Limitless

  • Master practical learning and memory techniques to increase focus.
  • Learn the secrets of memory and recall.
  • Gain practical tools to upgrade your brain and memory.
Dr. BJ Fogg

Director, Stanford Behavior Design Lab; Author, Tiny Habits

Tiny Habits Workshop

  • Learn proven techniques to form lasting habits.
  • Optimize your environment to reinforce desired routines.
  • Understand the secrets of human behavior that prevent change.
Gahmya Drummond-Bey

Founder & CEO, KidYOUniversity

Accelerating Evolution in Education

  • Learn about practical, tactical ways to reinforce a growth mindset in children.
  • Discover how you can help your kids become global leaders and digital citizens.
  • Understand how to redesign learning programs for future relevance, diversity and inclusion.
Dr. Michael Breus

Sleep Expert; Author, The Power of When and The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan

How to Be Better in Bed

  • Learn why sleep is so important for young minds.
  • Discover the greatest sleep mistakes families are making and the top solutions.
  • Understand practical steps to recover from a sleep deficit as a family.
Sarah Wells

Founder, Believe Initiative; Olympian

Building Self-Belief Through Action

  • Discover how to help your child connect their passions with the problems they want to solve in the world.
  • Learn how your child can build self-belief and resilience through action.
  • Get access to a curriculum and tools to help your child launch their own Passion Project this summer through the Believe Initiative.
Steven Michael Crane

Research Scientist, Stanford Behavior Design Lab and Boundaries of Humanity Project

Reducing Screen Time With Screentime Genie

  • Get practical, actionable insights on how to reduce screen time as a family
  • Understand the latest research on screen time and its impact on developing brains
Jim Sheils

Author, The Family Board Meeting; Co-Founder, 18 Summers

Life Lessons Kids Won't Learn in School

  • Explore the most important life lessons and skills for your children to thrive.
  • Learn how to have the "Money Talk" with your kids.
  • Understand Jim’s unique approach to thinking about healthy relationships with technology.

Dr. Shefali 

"In the 30 years that I’ve been doing interviews, the best I’ve ever heard. She’s [Shefali Tsabary] absolutely revolutionary, and so evolved, that her ideas are really a paradigm shift that can change the world.”

-Oprah Winfrey, American media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer, and philanthropist

Ray Kurzweil 

"I believe anticipation is power, that if you are going to have a great life, you don't want to react to everything […] Where the world is going and what technology is leading us to in terms of the evolution of humanity is an incredibly valuable thing to understand."

-Tony Robbins, American author, public speaker, life coach, and philanthropist

Dave Asprey

"Dave Asprey will make you question everything you thought you knew about nutrition and health. His revolutionary advice will truly make you healthier, better-looking, smarter version of yourself - we can all be Bulletproof like Dave"

-Mark Hyman, M.D., American physician and New York Times best-selling author

Kathy Kolbe

“I found great validation in who I am instinctively when I reviewed my Kolbe results. It immediately showed me why I was labeled a misfit…in school. If I had taken the Kolbe Index at a young age, I might have been able to avoid, or at least better understand, many problems I encountered in school.”

-Robert Kiyosaki, businessman and author "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

What People Say About Xploration Centre

"I congratulate the Xploration Centre idea that is already happening on Vancouver Island and this will be the way of the future. The future of education lies in unfolding the potential and the greatness in every child that is born. That will be the future exploring consciousness, harnessing the skills of intuition and creativity, higher consciousness, conscious choice making and actually honouring the stardust beings that we are. Stardust beings with self-awareness. Congratulations to the Xploration Centre."

Dr. Deepak Chopra

"It is time for a new paradigm, and this is why I so wholeheartedly support the Xploration Centre. So innovative, so transformative in its vision as spearheaded by Gordy Bal and Phil Moore, my dear friends. I truly believe that it is a global responsibility that we change the way that our children are living and breathing in the education system [...] I applaud what Gordy and Phil are trying to do. I wish I could send my children there, I wish I could go there."

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

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Our Commitment To Generational Empowerment

We are on a mission to impact 1 billion children. Each registration directly impacts 30-60 children with books donated to underserved communities and curriculum support and resources via DonorsChoose classroom pledges. We’re also teaming up to make additional donations to educational charities of our community's choice!

Xploration Centre and Xploration Centre Collective, are part of a separate yet complementary initiative. Inspired by the challenge of educating the next generation of world leaders, Gordy Bal, Sukhi Bal and Marissa Brassfield have teamed up to share the Xploration Centre ethos and curate knowledge from visionary educators, pioneering entrepreneurs, conscious thought leaders, and cutting-edge technologists. A portion of all XC Online profits are donated to the Xploration Centre in appreciation of its new educational paradigm.

Xploration Centre is a new elementary school based in Victoria, Canada, with its first pilot group launching in September 2021. Co-founded by Gordy Bal and Sukhi Bal, the Xploration Centre is a 501(c)(3) educational institution that fosters students' connection with nature, their entrepreneurial spirit, and healthy relationships with technology. Its luminary advisors include Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Phillip Moore, and Gabor Mate.

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We also aim to tackle the larger conversations that are not normally taught or discussed, such as financial literacy, discovering purpose, understanding cognitive abilities, how to counteract nature deficit disorder, exponential technology and the future of work. In this way, you and your family are prepared for the emerging world, no matter what age the children in your life are.

Not at all! XC Collective is an inclusive community that reflects the diversity of modern parents and educators.

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